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“The Trademarked Magic Men Show”

12Date:    SATURDAYS
Time: 7:00pm till 10:00pm
Cost: From $35 Per Person
Address: 2/169 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010


Get a magic men male stripper to come to  come to you.



At Magic Men Live Male strip Club we play Hens Night Bar Challenges.
The maid of honour (or whoever is in charge of organising the hens party) writes down a list of things that the hen needs to do during the night. This obviously means you are going to be at a bar, pub or club for some portion of the festivities.
The future bride might have a list which includes asking a guy for his underwear, getting someone to buy her a drink, and in extreme cases, asking the ugliest man in the joint out into the laneway for a quickie.
Hens Party Scavenger Hunt
This is one of my favourite hens night ideas to get all the girls involved. Again, the person organising the party should make a list beforehand of a number of items which everyone needs to find. Depending on how many girls are at the hens night, you can have each individual person or divide them up into groups. 

Would you like us to come to you?

Make sure you’re in an area where all the items are actually possibly to get. Would be a shit party game if no-one can actually finish it! The items for the scavenger hunt list might include a strangers autograph, a fortune cookie, a disposable toilet seat cover, a condom, a chinese take away menu, a receipt for 50c worth of petrol, and even dry dog poo if you want to be disgusting. Whatever the case, make sure all items are gettable!!
I Never: Hens Night Activity. We play this at our Male revue show in Sydney every Saturday night.
I also love playing this game too. And it’s probably the easiest to put together. Basically you just need a bunch of girls, sitting around in a circle, and some alcohol. Everyone has a drink with them. Pick any girl (maybe the hen) and get them to say something they have never done. It can be something like “I have never kissed two guys on the one night” or “I have never had a one night stand”.
Any girl who HAS done that must have a drink of their alcohol. When saying something, it is good to choose something that you think other girls may have done, that way people get busted for their “interesting” behaviour. If your friends are open-minded, try saying “I never gave a hand job to a trucker in a KFC bathroom while a midget went down on me”. If anyone drinks it will change you forever!
Post It Notes
Each girl gets given a post it note, and they are asked to write down something about an experience with the hen. Everyone’s responses are posted on a wall and the hen chooses one at a time. She then tries to guess who wrote the note, and what specific event they were referring too. Great way to reminisce and find out more about each other!
Coming in to the festive season, it’s time to think about christmas party ideas to make your celebrations one to remember!
Dress Up. Just like our Male strippers in Sydney.
Make the Hens Night a dress up theme where everyone has to come dressed accordingly to a particular topic. Some fun ideas can include favourite cartoon character, a job starting with a certain letter, wearing full body length pyjamas, known as the adult onesies outfit, or a bogan theme.

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