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Don’t worry. Hens nights are not some weird parties or occasions. Hen parties are pre-wedding celebrations, the so-called bachelorette’s party which is what it is commonly known about.
Hen night’ make counterpart is the stag parties or the bachelor’s party which some people are more commonly familiar. But knowing what hen parties are is probably not enough to ease your worry, right? Especially since it’s the first time you will be in one. Well, here are some things for you to know.

What are bachelorette’s?

Hen parties or bachelorette’s party is dubbed as a woman that’s about to be married’s “last night of freedom.” That is, before they finally get hitched. But question is – where does the name ‘hen’ party came from?
Hen parties reportedly started way back in the 1800s. Back then, hen dos (hen parties) were a gathering of women but there wasn’t an indication that it is more than a simple gathering and a pre-wedding affair. In America, hen parties are said to be a time for when women can enjoy tea, gossip and chitchats and other similar activities.
It was even used back in 1940s by Eleanor Roosevelt in describing a Christmas event held for the ladies of the press and cabinet wives. In the modern day, hen parties were first used in the wedding context in a Time newspaper back in 1976. According to that newspaper, the party features a male stripper that behaved in lewd and disgusting manner.
What to Expect During Hen Parties

So pretty much, you can have an idea of what hen parties are and it seems like it didn’t change much until today. But if you are still confused, let me tell you a few things that happen during a hen party. For one, booze starts way early in the day. You can also expect some awkward sex talk about the bride’s sex life than the bride would pr

obably want to share.
During hen parties, you should expect a lot of activity. Whether it’s cocktail making, dance class, or anything else, the women in a hen party are really keen on learning some new skills. Of course, while learning new skills there will a lot of drinking in the process, that’s for sure.
Oh and one thing, there will probably be strippers. But don’t hold out much hope that it will be anything good. High chances are it will be disappointing but it is okay, after all, there’s booze.Dance routines are also quite a regular in hen parties. Sooner or later, the hens will begin to show off their dance routines from oldies Macarena to the latest k-pop dance craze.
There is one difference between stag parties and hen parties though. In stag parties, the theme is often to humiliate the groom as much as possible. But in hen parties, the hens are all about protecting the bride. With that, if there’s anything that threatens the group, you will see a whole scary bunch of hens than you’ve even seen before.