Favourite Characters Women Portray During Their Role-plays

Women love to dress-up and do sexual role-plays

Role-playing and How it Overcomes Your Inhibition in Bed


People, especially women, love playing characters in a sexual context because it gives a sense of freedom, creativity, and overcomes inhibition. Majority of women love to dress up, and even if not, role-playing means channelling your inner favourite badass character you’ve been fantasying about. Playing a totally different character from who you are in real life creates a division between the character and you, and the bedroom and your partner are the only witnesses to this marvellous transformation.

Maybe you’ve seen 365 DNI movie, or have watched a TV show and loved one of its characters and you wonder, how does it feel to be that person? If you’re new to role-playing and does not know where to start, well, we have classic characters to less conventional ones women voted as their favourite characters during role play. Plus, we added sex toys and accessories a dressed to kill role-plays. Read on and apply that acting skills tonight!


Favourite Characters Women Love To Portray

Pirate & Hostage

You can do so much and get creative with this scenario. Turn the room into a ship’s cabin and prepare sound of waves and the ocean as your background music. Dress in rags as a captive and have your partner build his own pirate costume or buy one at the nearest mart or order online. Prepare safe and comfortable restraints the hostage and let her “walk the plank” and accept the consequences the pirate will bring.


Sexy Characters

If you want a more flirty role, you can opt a stripper, a cheerleader, Cat woman, or a porn star. Acting someone expert in the flirting and sexy talk will be a challenging but rewarding experience in bed. Put on your seductive outfit, doll up, and prepare a lap dance in advance. You can try different Fifty Shades of Grey toys and surprise your partner with your new sultry look, and the sexy dance he can’t resist. Don’t forget to carry on with confidence and you will definitely rock the night.

Women love to portray sexy characters in role-playing

Two Strangers

Choose a secret rendezvous – be it a cafe, a bar, or hotel. Pretend to be two strangers and have the chance to recreate your first meeting together. Treat each other like its the first time you’ve seen the other’s face, body, and no nothing about the other person. This is best enacted if you can put on wigs and dolled up with different personalities vs your own selves. Date a different persona without actually cheating from your partner. Thank us, later!


Tease with Authority Figure

This offers a lot of options, like enacting Slave-master, Student-teacher, Secretary-boss, and Patient-doctor scenarios. Be creative with anything that has an authority figure. Prepare “doctor tools” like lube, adult toys, pinwheel set, among others and have your partner put on a lab coat. Let him examine every part of you and start the “procedure”. Couple’s adult kit can also be part of this foreplay. Feel free to switch roles with your partner and focus on pleasure and fun you will experience with this kind of roles.

Women love to play submissive roles in foreplay


Role-playing allows you to explore different parts of yourself. Whatever deep fantasy you may be having, this is a chance in making them a reality. Choosing which role you want to play is crucial because it starts the journey in role-play preparation. It’s interesting to be a different person and pretend to be someone else since that side of you doesn’t get to come out often. So, let you and your partner engage in a play of seduction, with characters only your imagination can limit. Let’s roll the cameras, get ready, and action!

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