Hens Night Ideas

Hens night is celebrated before the wedding of the bride. It is typically where topless men are hired to entertain not only the bride but the guests as well. Nevertheless, to make it even more memorable, here are some hens night ideas for you to consider in case you would be organizing one for your friend who is about to get married.

Rent some costumes

Is the bride a fan of a movie or series? If she is, then you can consider renting some costumes for the bride and her guests. Make her feel as if she is the lead in the movie or series that she is a fan of. Also, in case your bride-to-be friend wanted to experience wearing a kimono at least once, rent enough kimonos for the guests. You can even arrange the venue for it to give off a ‘Japanese’ vibe. You can even organize a tea party.

Dance party

Is the bride and her friends fond of dancing? If they are, then a dance party might be one of the great hens night ideas for them. You can hire a dance instructor and it would be even better if you hire a sexy one to add thrill as he teaches the bride and the guests some sexy moves. Dancing would surely be more fun with a hot man on the dance floor.

Cocktail making

A hens party would never be complete without a few drinks. In fact, oftentimes, a hens night party ends up with everyone blacked out from drinking all night. So, cocktail making makes it on our list of great hens night ideas. You can rent out a certain portion of the bar or even the entire bar. To make the night more interesting, you can hire some men to serve the drinks for you. You can simply hire a topless waiter who is also skilled when it comes to making cocktails.


We cannot deny the fact that women loves making themselves look good and so, you can give the bride and the guests of the hens night a chance to spoil themselves as much as they want. You can hire someone who can give them a makeover or just someone who can give them a nice massage. The bride would also appreciate it more if the products used in pampering themselves are luxurious.

Private dining

There is no better hens night ideas than chatting while eating delicious foods. Nevertheless, since revealing some secrets is inevitable during such parties, for sure, you would not want other people to hear about it and so, rent out the entire restaurant or might as well just do it in the home of one of the bride’s friends who is living alone. That way, you can get as loud as you can. To make things easier on your part, you can also hire a caterer and even a topless waiter to serve the foods.

So, here are some hens night ideas to provide the bride-to-be a night that she will never forget.