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Nath Wyld Stripper Melbourne


He’s big, he’s muscly and he’ll leave you wanting more. Cheeky and fun, Nath can carter to any kind of party. Nath Wyld is the ultimate jaw dropper. Mixed events are his specialty.

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Ceaser is tall, tattooed and has a huge.. personality. Don’t be fooled by his charm, Ceaser has the moves that will keep you on your toes. He’s the life of the party with some rock solid abs to boot!

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Meet Will, does he look familiar? Some say he has the move that make anybody’s knees shake. He’s super cheeky and one of our most popular performers. Get in quick he books up fast!

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johnny star melbourne stripper


If you love bad boys, then Johnny star is for you. His sexy dark features and his strong presence is hard to resist. He’ll make you weak at the knees as he enters the room. 

A Melbourne favourite.

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Tall, tanned and toned, Diesel will wow you not only with his height ( He’s 6″6 ) but also with his entertaining, interactive and sexy show. Diesel is a man who really knows how to take control.

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Drop the mic. Jesse is here and he is ready to rock your world. With the sexy boyband appeal he’ll make you hit a few high notes when he performs. Blonde, bold and gorgeous.

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Nikko Male Stripper


Meet naughty Nikko. He is tall, tanned and loves to entertain. Next time you have a get together with the girls make sure you have this hunk with you to liven up the party! He doesn’t disappoint.

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Meet Logan, a lover or dogs and bikes! Tall, tanned and loves to entertain. Next time you have a get together with the girls make sure you have this hunk with you to liven up the party!

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Francesco, he is charming, he is sexy and he has the moves to boot. Not for the shy Francesco really is a firecracker! He’ll leave you begging for more of his sensual moves and charisma.

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Athletic, gorgeous & brown eyes that will have you mesmerised! Marco is here to fulfil all your needs and will happily excite any special guest. He will be a definite highlight at your next event!

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Male Stripper Nick


Nick is sure to satisfy any special guest with his piercing blue eyes and glowing smile. Nick is a show stopper, he will get your party started with a few eye opening moves! 

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Male Stripper ray


Talk about sex appeal! Ray is 6″2, bright blue eyes, huge shoulders and boy can he move. His passion and energy brighten any party up. You’ll hear his name being screamed doors down. 

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His striking features and friendly charm will have your guests asking for more. With exotic moves and his sexy sculptured body he will really tease. Jay Lam will exceed your expectations.

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Matty Thunder is one of the cheekiest guys, his the dreamboat Aussie man. Tanned, tatted and can also come as a tradie. Overflowing with sex appeal Matty with leave hearts racing.

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Do you love an accent? Mitch has not only the ripped abs, the cheeky smile and the handcuffs, but also has the sexy accent to boot. Mitch is a stunner and has heads turning every time.

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Hunky fire fighter Rob is here to save you! Charismatic, sexy and polite, Rob definitely has a few tricks up his sleeve that will be sure to tease. We promise he will leave you screaming for more. 

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Tall and tanned, our stripper Sean was born to entertain. His smooth, sexy moves will be sure to make you weak in the knees! Pre-booking is an absolute must as Sean is on high demand.

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Dave S

Dave S is a dreamboat with ocean blue eyes! He works well with both small or large groups and has the perfect mix of abs and personality. His smile isn’t the only think you’ll be looking at.

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Marco’s looks like he’s a Greek God sent from the heavens above! With sensational hair and good looks will make any girl he walks past do a double-take. This sexy stallion will have you screaming for more!

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Rudi Stripper Looking Down


Oh lala, look at Rudi! One of the tallest, sexiest strippers you will ever lay your eyes on! Standing at 6″4 with some moves you could not ever imagine possible. Rudi was born to perform for you. 

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Sydney Stripper Stefano


Hello Stefano! Watch as this wild child, tears up the dance floor with his hot moves. Stefano’s intricate sexy moves will take you to places you have never been before. His body is mesmerising. 

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Blake is our gorgeous prince charming. Hold on to your seats and this tall hunk babe gets down and dirty. He’s got a few tricks up his sleeve to leave your special guest breathless.

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He is big, he is buff and all the right stuff! Justin is all the eye candy you need! His remarkably big physique and very sexy and seductive moves will steam up your girls night.

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Justin Leo Stripper


Justin Leo is the perfect addition to any kind of event. He’s blonde with bright blue eyes, the cheekiest personality. Watch him as he takes it all off in the sexiest way for your event.

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Have you heard of 50 Shades of Grey? Let Christian tap into some of your wildest fantasies as he performs his untamed routine for your party. Listen as guests gasp in excitement. 

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With the energy to light up a room in an instant Andrew is our go to party started. He’s got the looks, he’s got the moves, a real party pleaser. Let Andrew start your next special event.

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Drew has piercing eyes, a charming personality, and shredded abs to go with! He’s the perfect addition to any girls night. Ladies Drew will not leave you disappointed. 

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Dante Black Stripper Sydney


Dante is what wild dreams are made of. Towering in at a huge 6″3, Dante will carry you off your feet with his undeniable rhythm and charm. Ladies hold on to your hats, your in for an exciting ride!

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Gus Sydney Stripper


Want someone with high energy and enthusiasm. Gus is you man! He’ll back flip his way to your heart with his show sopping performance. Gus will leave you smiling for days to come.

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Everybody loves a sexy beach babe. Ryder with his chiseled abs, deep brown eyes is sure to surprise your special someone at your next event. Get in quick as Ryder is in high demand.

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Meet the Gold Coast’s favourite bad boy Josh! His very sexy and naughty routine is here to wow you and knock your socks off! If you have some “Mr. Grey” fantasies that need fulfilling, then look no further!

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What’s better than a shot of tequila? A sexy body like Brad’s to lick it off of course! Brad’s steamy dance moves and manly, muscly physique makes him very hard to resist. One of Brisbane’s most popular guys!

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Seamus, he is tall, handsome and entertaining. Seamus looks like he is carved out of stone! If you want to thrill and excite with an amazing dancer with a sexy body then look no further!

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Have you ever dreamt of licking cream off of rock-hard abs before? William to the rescue! With a performance that will have you weak in the knee’s – William promises a night you’ll never forget!

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Nic Male Stripper Brisbane


Want to see what  is behind the towel? Nic will get you hot under the collar with his raunchy performance. Ladies Nic has everything you desire from his bad boy charm to his exotic moves. 

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Charming and seductive, Blaine is here to make all your fantasies come true! This 6 foot hunk is the only police man or fire fighter that you need to save the day and spice up your party!

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Tyrone Male Stripper Brisbane


Always keeping it classy, Tyrone will thrill and delight your special event with his wild child entertaining performance. His tan and abs are always in check keeping you on your toes. 

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Meet Daniel, one of Brisbane’s best performer. Tall, dark & handsome, a babe like this is sure to have heads turning when he enters the room. His Devilish nature will get any party started!

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Heath Male Stripper Gold Coast


Oh My Heath! With his god like physique and elevated dance moves Heath will keep you wanting more. His cheeky nature and chiseled jaw line has jaws dropping at every event. It’s easy to see why. 

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Chris is an sexy experienced performer. With his handsome looks, shinny abs and show stopping performance Chris be be the life of the party. The ones the girls bring up for years to come.

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Tales Male Stripper Adelaide


Tales is tall, tanned, very sexy and experienced! Let Tales show you with his sexy moves and sweet nature just how to start the party. You won’t be able to take your eyes off Tales.

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Jock is one for the thrill seekers! Highly entertaining, interactive and exciting. Jock will keep you on the edge of your seats waiting for him to drop the next move. Jock get the adrenaline pumping. 

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Alex Male Stripper Adelaide


Introducing our hottie Alex! Alex comes as either a Policeman or Fireman, the choice is yours. Alex is ready and waiting to satisfy your every party desire with an epic show, leaving you speechless.

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Eros Male Stripper Adelaide


Eros is our adelaide man of muscles! Eros has that sexy bad boy charm that makes you tremble just that little bit. His show is jam packed with hot and steamy moves. Eros is the highlight of any event.

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Sam Male Stripper Adelaide


Sam is sexy, rugged and ripped! Putting the H in Handsome. Sam will deliver a show that will have you gripping to your seats. Your guests will be talking about Sam for years to come.

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Dallas Perth Stripper


Dallas is Perth’s Sexiest tattooed bad boy. A ” Noise complaint? “, we’ve got you covered! Professional, sexy and fun officer Dallas is guaranteed to set all the naughty girls out. Recently the winner of ” Best Male Stripper “

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Andrew Perth Stripper


Is it getting hot in here? No, that’s just Andrew entering the room. Ladies, Andrew knows how to please. He’s tall dark and rugged with an outgoing personality to boot.  Andrew knows how to please.

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Tomi is a sexy spunk! Everyone wants a piece Tomi when he enters the room. Tomi offers a playful Harry Potter, Cop, Fireman and a Cowboy show. The choices with Tomi are endless and he’ll leave you in awe!

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Male Strippers Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth

For ladies who are a little more daring, why not try out a male stripper. They will come to your home or other private venue, and put on a strip show that you and your girlfriends will be talking about for months. Sexy male strippers have costumes such as police officer, fireman, tarzan, gangster, cowboy, navy officer and more! Their shows include a standard g-string show, full nude, raunchy and even strawberries and cream.
Some girls like to see other girls perform on the hens night. If that’s the case, then female strippers are the entertainment you should go for. Whether you want a solo show or girl on girl action, a strip show will have your heart racing.

Hens Night Games to Entertain the Girls

Every so often, a woman finds a man tolerable enough to spend the rest of her life with. When this happens, a marriage takes place. Before this can occur however, both the man and woman need to have an official “celebration” without each other, and with only members of their same sex.
In the women’s case, this celebration is known as a hens night party. It involves rounding up all your girlfriends on a set date (usually one or two weeks before the wedding) and going a little bit crazy. Crazy can have different meanings for different people… Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is some people’s idea of a normal hens night celebration.
Others believe it’s having a pyjama party with the girls, doing each others makeup, and telling stories. Others think it should involve a strip to a male strip club, or at the very least a private male stripper to come to the hens night function and gyrate his man hood in a skimpy leather thong that barely covers his ball sack.
Whatever the case, one of the universal favourite things that all ladies like to do on their last big single night is the hens party games. Here are some of the more popular ones.
• bar challenges
• scavenger hunt
• i never
• post it notes
Take a look at the hens night ideas page for more information on these games.
After an adventurous present for the hen? Maybe a sex toy would tickle her fancy.