The Best Sex Podcasts of 2020 To Help You Get Better in Sex

The Best Sex Podcasts of 2020 To Help You Get Better in Sex

The Best Sex Podcasts of 2020 To Help You Get Better in Sex

Thanks to the internet, we get to learn more stuff every day in different mediums wherever we are. You can search any topic you want to learn any time of the day. Then, there’s a podcast! You can listen to anything from business to educational materials and to the more pressing topic we want – sex. Yes, if you haven’t heard, there’s sex podcasts dedicated to giving us enlightenment on relationships, sex, and anything-in-between. To get you started listening to one or two, we summed up the best sex podcasts of 2020, because pro or not, you need them to get better in sex.

Off the Cuffs – Your BDSM Playlist

If you’re interested to learn about different kinks and how to use BDSM toys, this podcast is you! Want to learn more about how you can spice up your foreplays with adult toys like paddles and gag balls? Learn from the experts in BDSM and find out how floggers, nipple clamps, and others turn them on. Listen to wild stories that will surprise you. Who knows, you might have a kink or two you haven’t discovered. This podcast relates to open-minded ones and tells limitless information about sex fantasies and fetishes. This is available on Apple podcast and waiting you to discover.

Sex podcast on BDSM kinks and toys


Fangasm – The Sexual Evolution in Podcast

Fangasm is like your sexual evolution. From a Harry Potter erotic fan, it made a twisted turn exploring erotic fan fiction other movies and TV series. If you are into movies, and role-playing, this is a solid place you to land. If you want to deviate from the usual Fifty Shades fantasies, then this is where you can get all the ideas running. Does your partner have a favourite fictional character? Keep on listening so you can learn ways to be creative in bed and make the playtime more exciting. Prepare to laugh out loud with their stories and quirkiness. And if you’re way into it, check their books with porno names on their weblike Twatlight, Shercock, Saved by the Balls, and The Wanking Dead – what a horny title your movies made in bed.

Sex podcast on movie and TV shows characters


Turn Me On – Exploring the Poly World

For couples who wanted to explore their sex life, we also have the best podcast you. Turn your podcast to Turn Me On hosted by a married, poly couple who loves adventure. This podcast is your non-traditional take on marriage and sex. If you’re curious how they made it possible, the keep on listening to their podcast. They promise session of laughter, intelligent conversations sex banters, sex toys tips, and a lot more!

Sex podcast about poly couple and their sex stories


Girls Gotta Eat – Sex & Food Adventures

Imagine you and your girlfriend talking about the sex adventures you had with your dates and turning them into a podcast – yes, it is made possible. Girls Gotta Eat, co-founded by Ashley and Rayna, combines the best pleasures in the world – food and sex. They really know the way into a woman’s heart. These hosts talk about dating, relationships, cheating, and the juicy details of the men they date. So grab some popcorn, get your favourite wine, and hear them spill the tea!

Why Are People Into That? – Kinky Fetishes Explained

Misconceptions about kinky fetishes, BDSM, and other turn-on explained in this podcast hosted by Tina Horn. Find out the science behind a certain love temperature play, and hear people share their stories, and discover things you and your partner may also want to try into.

Sex podcast on different kinks and sex stories


Sometimes, learning a few tips, and understanding different kinks can start from listening to others’ stories. When you and your partner need help to get better in sex, or maybe you are curious and just want to learn and be updated in the dating game, a combination of good reads and informative podcasts may be all you ever need. Whatever you’re goal is, you can enjoy a session of informative sex topics and wild stories a good laugh once in a while. check out 


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